Tree Trimming

By Julian | February 27, 2015


Why Smart Irrigation Controllers are the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

By Julian | February 23, 2015

California’s drought is now more than a regional story: coverage of the emergency conditions – and our response to them – spans from international news outlets to this week’s TIME magazine. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), almost 9 billion gallons of water is used every day in the United States for residential outdoor water use, primarily for landscape irrigation. The agency estimates that 50 percent of that water is wasted due to overwatering.

When Planting Bare Roots Sends You Running For Cover

By Julian | February 18, 2015

  February – the season of Valentine cards and chocolates, presidential birthdays, and Girl Scout cookies.   The second month of the year may be known for its holidays and special occasions, but it’s also still a great time to plant bare root plants and trees.   Bare root plants, whether the fruit trees, berries,…


By Julian | January 1, 2015


Why Smart and Savvy Landscapers Plant Gardens In Fall

By Julian | October 10, 2014

If looking out the window at your drab garden elicits a sigh of exasperation rather than admiration, or if scanning your Instagram feed has you envying the lush fall colors of your friend’s tree-lined street in upstate New York – it might be time to rethink your fall garden. Yes, the peak season for planting…

How To Be Unpopular in the Tree Trimming World

By Julian | September 23, 2014

Poor Rodney Dangerfield. The late “I can’t get no respect” comedian apparently found he wasn’t popular close to home, either. “I looked up my family tree,” he said, “and found out I was the sap.” In the tree-trimming world, nobody cares if you’re the sap in your family: what makes you unpopular has a lot…

The Dummies Guide to Tree Planting in the Bay Area

By Julian | August 11, 2014

Planting and nourishing healthy trees is about more than digging a hole in the ground and dropping in a sapling. Still, it doesn’t have to be complicated. A little research and work on the back-end can help you figure how to plant a tree and when to plant a tree on your Bay Area property an…

Tree Hollows: One Big Myth, One Big Truth Uncovered

By Julian | July 22, 2014

The Tree Hollow Myth In our popular imagination, there’s hardly a place as idyllic as the hollow of an old tree – even better if it’s in the middle of a mossy forest, surrounded by chirping birds and squirrels. The romantic association makes sense: Winnie the Pooh, after all, lived in a cozy hollow in…

What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Your Bay-Friendly Landscape (& Global Warming)

By Julian | June 22, 2014

Fewer things invoke Americana like a bit of Mom’s advice. You know, that you should eat carrots to improve your vision, make your bed as soon as you wake up, clean behind your ears, and whatever you do – don’t make that face, because it will most certainly freeze that way.   But there’s some wisdom…

Why Your HOA Board Should Be Talking About Mulch

By Julian | May 2, 2014

Why Your HOA Board Should Be Talking About Mulching Around Trees Trees: they’re associated with hugging, nature, life itself – and with good reason. The environmental, societal, and economic impact of these shade-giving, oxygen-producing plants is enormous. And tree mulch? It turns out that small, 2-4 inch pile of matter surrounding the base of the…


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