Dealing With Frost

Fruit Tree Selection Guide

By Julian / January 5, 2017

Fresh fruit from your own backyard is everyone’s dream. But many find the idea of planting and successfully growing fruit as a insurmountable task. Not so! Pick the right tree and plant at the right time – and you will be enjoying ripe and healthy snacks straight from the vine in no time! First, what…

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Why Removing Deadwood Is Worth Every Penny

By Julian / December 2, 2016

As we discussed in our previous blog on how to winterize trees, we explained that a tree is still alive and needs to remain healthy during dormant season. Removing deadwood is a vital part of the tree winterizing process.   Let’s discuss why we remove deadwood from trees… Deadwood removal is preventative tree care. It…

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Brrrr…It’s About Time to Winterize Your Trees!

By Julian / November 14, 2016

Winter is a difficult time for a tree. Trees may look inactive going into winter but the fact is they continue to regulate their metabolism and only slow down some physiological activities. Trees still continue to slowly grow roots, respire, and take in water and nutrients during the dormant stage. A dormant tree still needs…

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