Tree Care

Tree Pruning Tips for Winter Weather

By Julian / November 18, 2023

Pruning during the dormant season is a critical component of a tree’s annual lifecycle management. When leaves fall and branches bare themselves, the structure of your trees is fully revealed, allowing for a clear assessment and strategic planning of each cut. It’s good timing, as the cooler weather reduces the risk of pests and diseases…

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A man on a construction lift pruning a tree.

Winter Tree Pruning in the Bay Area

By Julian / November 8, 2023

Tree pruning is the practice of selectively removing specific parts of a tree, such as branches, buds, or roots, to improve the tree’s structure, enhance its health and appearance, and reduce the risk of falling branches. It’s a vital aspect of tree care that encourages strong growth, increases fruit and flower production, and maintains the…

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Storm ravaged tree cut in half indicating Winter Tree Care needed to ensure Healthy Landscapes

Winter Tree Care: Tips for Healthy Landscapes

By Julian / October 24, 2023

The Bay Area’s weather has advantages and difficulties for landscaping, especially as we prepare for a potentially harsh winter. In winter, it’s important to care for your trees so they stay healthy and can handle bad weather. This article, “Winter Tree Care: Tips for Healthy Landscapes,” contains tips for keeping your Bay Area landscape healthy…

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