Tree Planting Tips and Ideas

Boost Tree Health: Expert Tree Care Tips for Your Landscape

By Julian / April 2, 2023

Embrace Tree Care and Cultivate a Thriving Landscape Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your landscape and enjoy the many benefits of healthy, thriving trees? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll reveal expert tree care tips specifically designed to help you cultivate a lush, vibrant outdoor space. From essential pruning techniques to pest…

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Bay Area Pruning Guide: Techniques for Healthy Trees & Shrubs

By Julian / April 2, 2023

A flourishing landscape can transform the aesthetic appeal of your Bay Area property, but keeping those trees and shrubs healthy requires more than just regular watering and occasional fertilizing. In this, our “Bay Area Pruning Guide: Techniques for Healthy Trees & Shrubs,” we unveil the secrets to maintaining a vibrant, thriving landscape in Northern California.…

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Choosing The Best Trees For Santa Clara County

By Julian / January 26, 2021

When you decide to plant trees or shrubs for yourself or a public project, you might think you’re on easy street. Planting trees sounds enormously simple, but the truth is there’s an enormous amount of research that goes into figuring out which trees will flourish in different areas. There are lots of contributing factors to…

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How To Relocate a Tree

By Julian / October 2, 2018

When it comes to tree removal and relocating trees, Arbortek Trees has decades of wisdom to share. Before you decide to transplant a tree (or relocation of a tree), we urge you to first take a peek at the steps below to protect the health of your tree. * Never attempt to move a large…

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Featured Tree Series: The Coastal Silk Tassel

By Julian / July 2, 2018

The Coast silk-tassel (formally known as Garrya elliptica – a species of flowering plant in the family Garryaceae) is a common evergreen shrub native to the coastal ranges of California and Oregon, and stretching as far south to Los Angeles. This plant is commonly referred to as a Silk Tassel Bush or Wavyleaf Silktassel. It…

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Featured Tree Series: The Crape Myrtle

By Julian / May 21, 2018

Summer is upon us which means – patio time! Nothing ends the week better than good conversation and relaxing with friends and family on a nicely shaded outdoor patio. What will you use to shade your patio? We’ve got the perfect patio tree suggestion – The Crape Myrtle If you can’t get them in the…

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How to Determine Where to Plant a Tree

By Julian / January 25, 2018

How to Choose the Right Location to Plant A Tree Trees that are carefully chosen add beauty to a home’s landscape and also provide a return on investment to your residential property. Trees planted around homes can also provide shade,  privacy, windbreaks, and an opportunity to create ecosystems for birds and other beneficial creatures and…

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Honeydew and You – How to Treat Tree Aphids

By Julian / June 20, 2017

Is there a tree dripping sap on your property – possibly staining sidewalks or other areas with sticky residue? Unfortunately, that is generally a sign of tree aphids. There are thousands of types of aphids who live in relatively temperate climates worldwide. They can cause severe stress to trees and other plants (roses are a…

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Small Trees for Small Spaces: Flowering Trees that Pack a Pretty Punch

By Julian / May 2, 2017

It’s hard to imagine a complete landscape or garden without a tree or two. Trees provide comfortable shade for people as well as many smaller plants that can’t handle full sun. They also bring an aesthetic balance, adding height and depth to landscapes that might otherwise feel flat and empty. But, not every yard has…

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