Individual getting ready for spring following the essential tips for prepping for planting season.

Prepping for Planting Season: Essential Tips

By Julian / March 19, 2024

As the Bay Area shakes off the chill of winter, property owners are gearing up for the much-anticipated spring planting season. This period marks a time of renewal and growth, where the right preparations can lead to a flourishing garden. From strategizing on weed control with pre-emergents to choosing the best mulches like black chip…

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Photo of smart irrigation controller to optimize water use & prevent fungal growth.

Smart Lawn Care: Optimize Water Use & Prevent Fungal Growth

By Julian / March 5, 2024

In the heart of the Bay Area, where environmental sustainability meets innovation, homeowners are turning to smart irrigation systems to transform their lawn care practices. These systems, designed with precision and efficiency in mind, not only conserve water but also prevent the common headache of fungal diseases in lawns. This article, “Smart Lawn Care: Optimize…

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Large tree is down conveying the need to safeguard trees from extreme weather

How to Safeguard Trees from Extreme Weather

By Julian / October 8, 2023

For Bay Area property owners, the potential damage caused by extreme weather isn’t just a passing concern. Your trees are particularly susceptible, and their safety directly impacts the value and safety of your property. Given the unpredictable nature of Bay Area weather, storm-proofing your trees is essential. This article, “How to Safeguard Trees from Extreme…

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Grass TLC: Should You Repair Or Renovate?

By Julian / September 26, 2021

When your grass is having a difficult time recovering from ​​stress conditions like disease and insects – or just too much sun, it’s time to undertake grass repairs, or even a renovation, depending on the extent of the damage. Spring and Fall are ideal times of the year for a lawn renovation, as warm soil…

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Return of the Victory Garden! Spring Planting Guide

By Julian / April 20, 2020

What a year! This has been an incredible year… incredibly challenging for many of us. If you love to nurture fruits and vegetables and watch them grow, there has never been a better time. The Return of the Victory Garden Seasoned gardeners and new planters are also discussing a return of the victory garden, an…

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