Large tree is down conveying the need to safeguard trees from extreme weather

How to Safeguard Trees from Extreme Weather

By Julian / October 8, 2023

For Bay Area property owners, the potential damage caused by extreme weather isn’t just a passing concern. Your trees are particularly susceptible, and their safety directly impacts the value and safety of your property. Given the unpredictable nature of Bay Area weather, storm-proofing your trees is essential. This article, “How to Safeguard Trees from Extreme…

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Grass TLC: Should You Repair Or Renovate?

By Julian / September 26, 2021

When your grass is having a difficult time recovering from ​​stress conditions like disease and insects – or just too much sun, it’s time to undertake grass repairs, or even a renovation, depending on the extent of the damage. Spring and Fall are ideal times of the year for a lawn renovation, as warm soil…

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Return of the Victory Garden! Spring Planting Guide

By Julian / April 20, 2020

What a year! This has been an incredible year… incredibly challenging for many of us. If you love to nurture fruits and vegetables and watch them grow, there has never been a better time. The Return of the Victory Garden Seasoned gardeners and new planters are also discussing a return of the victory garden, an…

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