Winter Landscaping

Rainy landscape showing the need for effective landscaping in rain-prone areas.

Effective Landscaping in Rain-Prone Areas

By Julian / February 20, 2024

Welcome to “Effective Landscaping in Rain-Prone Areas,” an article for Bay Area property owners seeking to navigate the challenges and opportunities of landscaping in a region renowned for its dynamic weather patterns. In this region, where the weather can swing from intense rainfalls to prolonged dry spells, conventional gardening approaches often fall short.  Adapting to…

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Gloomy weather showcasing the importance of knowing the top tips for dealing with reduced sunlight in the Bay Area.

Top Tips for Dealing with Reduced Sunlight in the Bay Area

By Julian / February 6, 2024

Winter in the Bay Area brings a unique challenge to the world of landscaping: reduced sunlight. This shift in the environment requires a different approach to garden care and design. As the days shorten and the sun takes a lower path across the sky, it’s essential to adapt our gardening practices to ensure our landscapes…

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Side by side pictures of a tree in spring and the same tree in winter to show the effects of Sustainable Landscaping in the Bay Area's Variable Winter.

Sustainable Landscaping in the Bay Area’s Variable Winter

By Julian / January 10, 2024

Winter in the Bay Area brings with it a unique set of challenges for property owners. Navigating these challenges requires a strategic approach to landscaping, one that emphasizes sustainability and resilience. This article, “Sustainable Landscaping in the Bay Area’s Variable Winter,” explores effective practices for sustainable landscaping, especially pertinent during the region’s variable winter months.…

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Frost and cold lawn showcasing the importance of winter lawn care in the Bay Area.

Winter Lawn Care in the Bay Area

By Julian / January 2, 2024

As the chill of winter descends upon the Bay Area, lawn care takes on a new dimension of challenges and opportunities. From managing the sparse winter sunlight to adapting to increased rainfall, this article, “Winter Lawn Care in the Bay Area,” equips Bay Area property owners with the knowledge and techniques to maintain a lush,…

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Flooded landscape showcasing how to adapt landscapes to the Bay Area's wet winter weather.

Effectively Managing Wet Winter Weather

By Julian / December 18, 2023

Winter in the Bay Area brings a unique set of challenges to landscapes, from persistent rains to fluctuating temperatures. The objective of this article, “Effectively Managing Wet Winter Weather,” is to arm property owners with the knowledge and techniques needed to effectively manage these seasonal shifts. We’ll explore how to optimize plant selections, implement robust…

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Frosted landscape showing the need to prepare landscapes for Bay Area cold snaps.

Preparing Landscapes for Bay Area Cold Snaps

By Julian / December 8, 2023

As the Bay Area braces for winter, with the occasional cold snap, the need to adapt our landscaping strategies becomes more pressing. “Preparing Landscapes for Bay Area Cold Snaps” has been written specifically for Bay Area property owners. The objective of this article is to help you protect your garden against sudden temperature drops, adjusting…

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Storm ravaged tree cut in half indicating Winter Tree Care needed to ensure Healthy Landscapes

Winter Tree Care: Tips for Healthy Landscapes

By Julian / October 24, 2023

The Bay Area’s weather has advantages and difficulties for landscaping, especially as we prepare for a potentially harsh winter. In winter, it’s important to care for your trees so they stay healthy and can handle bad weather. This article, “Winter Tree Care: Tips for Healthy Landscapes,” contains tips for keeping your Bay Area landscape healthy…

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How to Make a Poinsettia Last Longer

By Julian / December 1, 2019

Poinsettias come in a wide range of colors. You can find reds, marbles, whites, and even pinks. Whichever color you choose, the care is the same for a long lasting poinsettia. 1) The actual flower of a poinsettia is directly in the center. The leaves, the colored portions, are actually leaves that have colored up. They…

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Two Perfect Vegetables for Winter Planting

By Julian / October 22, 2019

Do the words “winter” and “garden” ever cross your mind? Asparagus and Artichoke are perfect for winter planting, and once established, are a long term relationship that will keep giving… With the right care, they will produce delicious vegetables for years to come! Read on for tips on planting and caring for these perennial beauties…

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Best of List: Winter Landscaping Tips for the Bay Area

By Julian / October 31, 2017

Proactive winter gardening and landscaping in the San Jose, Santa Clara, and surrounding Bay Area, California, requires taking care of gardening tasks that are of extreme importance to keep your annuals, perennials, biennials, and lawns, safe from winter damage. We may have a mediterranean climate that isn’t exactly synonymous with winter plant protection that, for…

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