Featured Tree Series: The Crape Myrtle

Summer is upon us which means – patio time! Nothing ends the week better than good conversation and relaxing with friends and family on a nicely shaded outdoor patio. What will you use to shade your patio?

We’ve got the perfect patio tree suggestion – The Crape Myrtle

If you can’t get them in the ground this year, start thinking about a planting plan now! You have the patio that will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Arbortek Featured Tree: the Crape Myrtle

The Muskogee Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia hybrids ‘Natchez,’ ‘Tuscarora,’ ‘Muskogee’) is a decidious tree that grows up to 25 feet tall, with a 25 foot spread. The are perfect for the patio or property borders in the following ways:

  • Rounded crowns cast a wide circle of shade
  • Summer blooming
  • Fall foliage color
  • No messy fruit to tarnish paved surfaces
  • Hybrids are mildew resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Small, decidious tree

Plant a Muskogee Crape Myrtle and enjoy the summertime display of beautiful pink and lavender flowers. The showy flowers will make your patio stand out from the others and create a whimsical spot to relax and take in the beauty of this tree. The Crape Myrtle also has one of the longest blooming periods of all Lagerstroemia indica trees, so you can enjoy blooms for months on end, into fall as the glossy green foliage turns to red in the fall.

As an added bonus, this highly mildew resistant tree has a smooth, cinnamon-colored bark that peels to reveal a shiny light gray color. This is one of the only small delicious trees that we recommend highlighting the beauty of it’s bark. Our experts at Arbortek can offer numerous lighting ideas to light up these trees. Night lighting will take your landscape “wow” factor to a whole new level, shining light on an aesthetic not frequently seen to the human eye at first glance of this vibrant tree.

The Crape Myrtle is also very water-wise, important to our environment and climate here in the Bay Area. Once established, these trees have low watering needs. Plant them in a spot with full sun exposure, and they will thrive. Plant them in in rows to create a beautiful privacy hedge or a classic and colorful property border. These are the perfect trees for yards with limited space. Crape Myrtles are also suitable for urban gardens, as they have a high tolerance to urban conditions.

Contact Arbortek for more information on planting trees on your property. We are happy to help you choose trees and planting locations wisely!