What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Your Bay-Friendly Landscape (& Global Warming)

Fewer things invoke Americana like a bit of Mom’s advice. You know, that you should eat carrots to improve your vision, make your bed as soon as you wake up, clean behind your ears, and whatever you do – don’t make that face, because it will most certainly freeze that way.


But there’s some wisdom that hasn’t yet joined the coffers of traditional motherly advice: part of being a good citizen is taking care of the planet, and you can start that in your own Bay Area backyard.


When the United States government recently released its report on global warming, the overall findings confirmed that the effects on our climate and environment were not a far-off boogeyman, but a real issue facing us today.


The good news is that there are few places that you can personally make such a direct impact – helping fight the affects of global warming, and creating a healthier planet overall – than in your own backyard and landscaping projects.
The other piece of good news? What’s good for Bay-friendly landscaping is usually also pretty good for the planet!

Here are just some of the many changes you can make to create a “bay-friendly” landscape in your backyard:

  • Encourage composting, selecting California native (and drought-resistant plants), and using water and irrigation wisely – these measures can all help lower the burning of fossil fuels.
  • Use natural fertilizers and build soil’s organic matter content to help the soil store carbon better (read more about Bay Area Sustainable Landscaping).
  • Fight for trees: plant them, and then nurture (prune!) and protect them (mulch!) so they can thrive.
  • Think about the ways that your business can reduce gas emissions by using hand tools and alternative fuels.


So even though “build a Bay- and earth-friendly landscape” isn’t yet considered traditional parental advice, hopefully before too long, it will be! Need help with your outdoor landscaping ideas? Contact us, your Bay Area friendly landscape professionals!