Why Planting Summer Bulbs Makes the World A Better Place

Sure, it was spring-blooming daffodils that inspired poet William Wordsworth to pen his famous ode to the golden flowers in all of their dancing glory. 

But summer bulbs – think dahlias, callas, cannas, gladiolas, and so many more – can bring an equally breathtaking splash of color to your landscape. And since our Mediterranean climate brings with it an early spring, April is the perfect time to start planting these versatile, cost-efficient beauties.


Here are few reasons that summer-blooming bulbs make the world – not to mention your property – a more colorful, happier place to be:


  • Versatile: Summer bulbs can thrive in many different locations. Above-ground planter at the entrance to your property? Sure. Framing a sidewalk, rocky outcrop, or pool at your home? Absolutely. Whether you’re welcoming visitors or winding them through your piece of paradise, bulbs offer an attractive, versatile landscaping option.
  • Water-wise: These flowers don’t want to be over-watered, especially the bulbs that are native to California and Alameda County. That’s good news any time, but it’s especially important when extreme drought conditions – and financial realities – call for smart, efficient water usage.
  • Little Effort, Long Life: A little mulch goes a long way with summer bulbs. They don’t require an especially rigorous maintenance schedule, and most of them will grow for years to come.
  • Complementary: Overall, summer-blooming bulbs play well with others. This can be helpful if you’d like to work them into your existing landscape, like a bed of perennials that could use a refresher.
  • Diversity: Summer bulbs are available in a wide array of color, style, textures, and sizes, so there are options to fit nearly any aesthetic.


Give us a call if you’re ready to make summer-blooming bulbs a smart, beautiful addition to your landscape.