What Should I Do With All This Grapefruit?

So you’ve got a grapefruit tree (or more?) just bursting with fruit and you’re starting to wonder what exactly you’re going to do with it all. Well don’t worry, because Arbotek has got some great ideas you can use to make sure that none of that delicious fruit goes to waste.

The simplest way to get rid of grapefruit is, of course, to eat it. But, it turns out there are plenty of other ways to generously and enjoyably dispose of your harvest even if you’re getting tired of cutting grapefruits in half and eating them for breakfast.

It is quite possible to turn the basic grapefruit into a fancy dessert, delicious side, or fabulous garnish – adding that tangy citrus flavor to all kinds of dishes. For example, you might try:

Broiled or brûléed grapefruit – This recipe for honey-broiled grapefruit with yogurt, coconut & walnuts looks, and sounds, absolutely amazing. If your mother may not have ever let you put sugar on your grapefruit growing up, this is your revenge.

Salsa or guacamole – Based on the shear number of recipes for guacamoles and salsas that include grapefruit, it seems to pair well with the spiciness of salsa and the savory heat of guacamole.

Speaking of grapefruit salsas – many of those recipes work great with fish (salmon or mahi mahi are common choices). You can also use grapefruit juice as the base for some pretty stellar marinades.

If drinking is more your style, grapefruit is fantastic for cocktails.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile and make your own simple syrup, this recipe for a rosemary greyhound sounds absolutely amazing. There’s also the Paloma, Salty Dog, and Sea Breeze cocktails to get you started.

If alcohol isn’t your thing, or you’re just looking for a refreshing beverage without the buzz, try this recipe for grapefruit soda.

Of course, you don’t always have to be the one consuming all your grapefruit. A bag full of fruit can also make a nice gift for your citrus-craving neighbors, family, and friends. If you’d like to step your gift-giving game up to the next level, you might consider trying this recipe for grapefruit marmalade.

Donations to a local food bank may be another option if you want to spread the grapefruit love out into your community. Just make sure to double-check their policy on fresh food donations, not every center is equipped to accept perishable items.

It may also be possible to sell a bit of your bumper crop. Local farmers markets might accept some for sale. If you have kids, harvesting and then selling (lemonade stand-style) your fruit makes for a great weekend chore and a good educational experience.

Finally, you can also put grapefruit to work in your garden. It turns out that slugs like grapefruit about as much as people do, and you can use the peels as bait to lure the pests away from your garden.

Here in California we’re lucky to have a climate that supports citrus trees like grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines. Still, it can be difficult to appreciate them quite so much when all the fruit seems to arrive at once. Hopefully these ideas will help you to really enjoy the bounty of your own backyard.