5 Tips for Getting Your Trees through the Drought

Trees Survive California Drought
From water shortages to brush fires, the evidence is clear that the drought afflicting California is serious business. Everywhere you look, you’ll find warnings to avoid wasting water and incentives for conservation and responsible use.

One of the best things that you can do for the earth – and your yard – during a drought is to carefully nurture your trees. According to Tree People, one of trees’ many benefits is that they help combat climate change, clean the air, and help cool the cities and yards that they give shade to. They can also help the ground retain water and refresh the water table after rains.

So how can you responsibly care for the trees in your yard, and give them a shot at getting through the drought?

1. Make sure mature trees get deep, slow watering. They’ll only need it once or twice a month, but deeply and slowly water these older trees with a simple soaker hose or drip system, toward the edge of the tree canopy.

2. Give younger trees more water. Less mature trees will need more water – try five gallons, two to four times per week. Create a small watering basic with a berm of dirt, and fill it.

3. Hop in the shower with a bucket. Buy a five-gallon bucket for every full bathroom in your house, and make it a rule: every time you hop in the shower, position the bucket to capture as much runoff as possible. Just make sure that soaps and shampoos are biodegradable!

4. Take it easy when pruning. Do not over-prune trees during drought – too much will stress your trees.

5. Three words: mulch, mulch, MULCH. The importance of mulch can’t be overstated. Just four to six inches of the stuff helps retain moisture, reducing water need and protecting your trees.

Follow these simple rules and your Trees will Survive the California Drought! If you need help, contact us!