Why Gutters Could Be the Demise of Your Winter

California isn’t exactly known for blankets of snowfall in the winter, save for some mountain towns. Even so, residents of the sunshine state often cherish winter’s milder temperatures and the opportunity to indulge in “sweater weather.”

Unfortunately, the season can also be rough on homes if residents don’t take the appropriate precautions before temperatures drop and precipitation arrives- especially with a record El Nino on the horizon. Make sure that your winter remains happily full of hot cocoa, warm boots, and cozy sweaters by tackling one very important part of home maintenance right now: rain gutters.

There are a few reasons that rain gutters can be a threat to your home’s well-being in winter:

1. They are out of sight, and out of mind.

Unlike major aesthetic parts of your home – a huge stone fireplace, for example – gutters are a part of the house that most people don’t spend much time looking at. The problem is that, much like a healthy heart, things that you can’t see or just don’t look at still need to be maintained so that they can keep functioning. Gutters need to heave a clear path in order for rain and snow to work their way through the system, and fallen leaves and other debris can cause substantial blockage in that system.

2. El Niño is coming.

As meteorological coverage of El Niño events increase, it’s clear that this winter has a higher chance for much, much more precipitation in California – even some deluges. This isn’t standard winter fare for the state, so thinking “I didn’t have problems with gutters last year” could be a big mistake. If those gutters are backed up with debris, in any state of disrepair, or not the appropriately sized or fitted, those downpours could equal extensive, expensive water damage outside and inside your home very quickly.

3. California is still in a drought.
Sometimes the fall is just still hot in the Western states, and when people are looking at parched creek beds and brown or nonexistent grass, it’s easy to think rain gutters are not important right now. But this is actually the perfect time to inspect and clean them, or even better, have it done professionally. Don’t fall for the “it’s bone dry” line of thinking – get ahead of the weather and save yourself a huge amount of time, money, and effort when those gutters are needed

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