It’s Harvest Season! (And the Perfect Time to Plant Shrubs)

By Julian | September 25, 2019

  Fall is here in the Bay Area! We hope you’re enjoying all of the richness of the harvest season. October is a great time to consider planting shrubs, woody ornamentals and trees. According to the University of California Master Gardeners, Ceanothus, manzanita, Monardella villosa (coyote mint), ribes (currant), toyon, buckwheat are all good choices.…

Save Money! Water Wisely

By Julian | May 30, 2019

July is Irrigation Month! “Smart” irrigation technology is essential to maintaining our beautiful Santa Clara County landscapes. Whether your business property is big or small, multiple campuses, HOA, turf and landscape or golf applications, there are many ways you can get “smart” about irrigation. If you are a homeowner looking for ways to conserve water,…

Common Tree Insects for the South Bay Area

By Julian | February 27, 2019

Arbortek’s certified arborists not only work here in the South Bay are, but live here as well. They see and treat numerous native tree insects day in, and day out. Here are a few common tree insects you can watch out for yourself. If you see these little critters, it’s time to call Arbortek Trees.…

Why We Take Soil Samples (And You Should Too)

By Julian | October 10, 2018

When it comes to landscape installation or building gardens, we always take a soil sample. Plants have varying needs and will respond differently to particular types of soil. Soil sampling is important to determine soil texture, pH level, and the soil nutrients in order to grow the proper trees, shrubs, and turf. A soil test…

4 Signs of Overwatering Plants

By Julian | October 7, 2018

Ever wonder if you are overwatering your plants? Chances are, the plants are probably getting more water than they need. There are a few obvious overwatering signs. If you can identify these four warning signs, your plant can still thrive! 1. Got brown and wilty leaves? Many mistake this for a dry plant, quite the…

How To Relocate a Tree

By Julian | October 2, 2018

When it comes to tree removal and relocating trees, Arbortek Trees has decades of wisdom to share. Before you decide to transplant a tree (or relocation of a tree), we urge you to first take a peek at the steps below to protect the health of your tree. * Never attempt to move a large…

Featured Tree Series: The Coastal Silk Tassel

By Julian | July 2, 2018

The Coast silk-tassel (formally known as Garrya elliptica – a species of flowering plant in the family Garryaceae) is a common evergreen shrub native to the coastal ranges of California and Oregon, and stretching as far south to Los Angeles. This plant is commonly referred to as a Silk Tassel Bush or Wavyleaf Silktassel. It…

Optimize Your Outdoor Space with the Crape Myrtle

Optimize Your Outdoor Space: the Crape Myrtle

By Julian | May 21, 2018

As summer rolls in, it’s time to embrace patio living! Enjoy memorable moments with friends and family under the cooling shade of the perfect patio tree, the Crape Myrtle. If planting isn’t an option this season, why not start planning for the next? With a Crape Myrtle in your garden, you will surely optimize your…

Choosing the Correct Pruning Tools

By Julian | March 26, 2018

Choosing the Correct Pruning Tools for California Plants (and other Pruning “ABC’s”) Remember when you first planted your garden plants, trees, and shrubs? Every plant looked so lonesome at first. But now the space is getting crowded! So now what to do? You wouldn’t dare want to get rid of any healthy foliage or shrub,…

How To Renovate Your Yard (And Get Paid To Do It)

By Julian | February 26, 2018

Did you know:  You can get paid $1-$2 per square foot to convert your yard to a more sustainable landscape. Yep, it’s true. Because of the extensive drought affecting California for the past several years, an old program that pays property owners to make their landscape more sustainable has been reinstated. By removing non-native, water-intensive plants…


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