Pre-Spring Landscape Care for the Bay Area Gardener

Who else is ready for Spring?

Here are some tips for Bay Area gardeners and landscape artists for January and February! There is plenty to do, so read on!

What Can I Plant?

Bay Area gardeners wanting to create a flowerful landscape should check out azaleas and camellias at your local garden store. Local landscape artists and nursery experts are great resources for learning what flowers will grow well when planted in late winter and early Spring.

If you are looking for colorful trees to fill out your landscape in 2020, look into maple trees. Japanese and paper maples are recommended for our climate during this time of year.

(Do check your local planting guide for types of plants and trees that will thrive at this time of year. )

Maintenance is Key

I used to miss plodding around in my garden and landscape during the winter months, before I understood the lifecycle of the garden and our ecosystem. All of that to say, there is always more to do!

Citrus plants, in particular, will benefit if you provide them with fertilizer six to eight weeks before blossoms appear. All deciduous plants will benefit from pruning excess stems, leaves and other old growth as they prepare to bear fruit in the upcoming Spring season.

Dream On

One of the benefits of growing and maintaining a thoughtful and fruitful landscape is imagining an atmosphere, then building it, growing, and living within that vision. While the list of items to plant in January in the Bay Area isn’t long, the time spared can be allocated to dreaming about Spring. Why not put pen to paper and sketch your vision for your ultimate 2020 landscape?

What do you want to grow where you live? What do you want to see? Sketch it out and save your pennies… Spring is around the corner.

Happy New Year!

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