Smart Irrigation Controllers are in demand….

Smart Irrigation Controllers Save Money and Water

Smart Irrigation Controllers Save Money and Water

Have you installed a smart irrigation controller yet? Today, more than ever, smart irrigation controllers are in high demand to maintain landscapes as water conservation and saving money are the top concerns of residential & commercial property owners throughout the Bay Area. Smart irrigation controllers maintain watering schedules automatically to meet specific landscape needs.

How do smart irrigation controllers work?

Simply stated, they take the guess work out of watering your landscape. Nearly two-thirds of residential water use occurs outdoors, yet much of that water is wasted due to over-watering. Many homeowners do not know how to adjust irrigation schedules to match water needs based on the season, nor have the time to deal with it.

No matter how efficient your current irrigation system may seem, it does not take into affect weather conditions that change sporadically. Specifically, we are talking about evaportranspiration (ET) and rainfall. ET is the amount of water the soil loses through evaporation in conjunction with the plant’s water loss, both of which are affected by changing weather conditions. Most traditional systems turn water and and off based on a time schedule that does not change with the weather and soil conditions, therefore plants are over-watered too much, for too long, which wastes water, money, and damages the plant.

Smart controllers use weather information and site and soil conditions to determine how much water to apply, and when to irrigate. Some controllers utilize historical weather data to compliment on-site weather conditions. Other controllers actually download ET values daily. Soil moisture sensor smart controllers also measure the amount of moisture already in the soil to determine irrigation schedules.

What’s in it for me to install a smart irrigation system?

Once these systems are programmed, they usually require no additional monitoring and will water the landscape at peak effeciency times. And, they will save you money on your water bill. The Irrigation Association and the International Center for Water Technology as CSU – Fresno, have shown smart irrigation controllers save up to 25% more water than traditional irrigation controllers. The Environmental Protection Agency now has selected these devices to be one of the first technologies endorsed by the EPA’s WaterSense program.

When should I start using smart irrigation controllers?

Now! And we can help you determine which is best for your property. Call us today!