There’s A Big Pay-off to Planting Summer Bulbs Now

It’s the most wonderful time, of the year! As we hang mistletoe, place our perfectly bright red poinsettias around the hearth, and fill the home with the sweet aroma of holiday dishes, we are also thinking of another important holiday tradition  – planting summer bulbs!

Wait? What? Planting summer bulbs?!

Gardeners across the US baffle at the fact that over here on the California Coast, and even up through parts of Northeast, NOW is the time to plant those bulbs. See, our ground (rarely) doesn’t freeze! You may see morning frost on your car windows, but throw on some gloves and head to the garden this afternoon. Take a few minutes to get those bulbs planted and enjoy a beautiful gift of dynamic and healthy blooms in just a few short months. Your summer garden will thank you!


This wouldn’t be a complete article without a  list of summer bulbs to plant in the San Jose area, so here it goes:


Calla Lily
Peruvian Daffodil
Persian Buttercup
Jacobean Lily


And what  bulb arrangement will you follow? Here’s our favorite DIY design ideas for summer bulbs:


  • Plant bulbs in clusters. Bulbs give the biggest impact of color when in one concentrated area. Bulb stalks can be thin, so when planted alone, they won’t have as much aesthetic effect. 
  • Try “stacking” bulbs. Choose a small and large bulb that flower during the same period. Plant small bulbs in a layer right on top of large bulbs. This will create a layer effect when the bloom. Like Bayscape’s seasonal color program, you could try staggering the bloom time by planting mid- and late-season bloomers together, creating a display that blooms in succession, for a whole season of amazing color to your landscape!


So, throw on your scarf, head out to the gardening or home improvement store, then grab your gardening spade. There are many reasons that summer bulbs make the world a more colorful, happier place to be (we even wrote a blog about the versatility and benefits of bulbs). As you are spreading the holiday cheer this time of year, spread some cheer into your garden and receive the gift of beautiful blooms next spring! Visit our website to learn more about how Bayscape Landscape can help you with your seasonal bulb color arrangements.

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