To Plant or Purchase? When is a Planting Contract Beneficial?

There’s an undeniable trend of “doing it yourself” sweeping the country these days – from YouTube tutorials to Pinterest boards to home-renovation shows, there’s a guide available for almost anything you want to do yourself. There’s even a DIY television network!

This surge is a great thing, allowing DIYers to save money and flex their creative muscles. But in most disciplines and industries, there are still situations and circumstances when you may want to consider bringing in a professional.

In the landscaping industry, one of those instances is when considering whether to plant and maintain yourself, or whether to bring in a professional. Planting contracts are one popular way to do that. So, how do you know when a planting contract might be advisable for you?

Check out some of the things that might signal that a planting contract would be a good fit:

  • You lack access to a diverse or large selection of trees, shrubs and plants, or to the size (think mature trees) of some plants that you’ll need, due to geographic area (or any other reason).
  • You don’t have access to good pricing – for example, a local and well-stocked wholesale nursery.
  • A professional and/or polished look is important for your landscape. If you’re comfortable with or able to embrace a whimsical, “rough,” or otherwise unconventional style, you may be able to do it yourself. But in many professional situations, like for an HOA landscape maintenance plan or a high-end office building property, the landscaping may be need to be streamlined, professional, or even formal.
  • You don’t have experience with planting and maintaining the plants and trees you’re using. If you’re an experienced gardener or green thumb, you may be able to handle it on your own.
  • You need the services of a person who can balance aesthetics with sustainability. Professional landscaping companies should be able to find a healthy balance of aesthetics and sustainability, and have substantial experience with concepts like smart irrigation.


If any of these situations fit you, you might be a good candidate for a planting contract with a professional landscaping company. Visit our portfolio to view our planting projects, or call us for a consultation!

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