Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Santa Clara Home

If you want to draw the right attention to your front yard, consider professional landscaping services. Bayscape Landscape in Santa Clara can design and install grass, flowers and shrubs that look great all year.

Boosting Your Curb Appeal

Nothing boosts curb appeal like well-planned landscaping. Using plants with different textures and heights creates interest. However, don’t block windows with large growing plants. Instead, save those for the corners of your home where they can anchor your design.

Professional landscapers work with you to choose plants you love that work well together in the Santa Clara climate. Proper spacing gives all your plants room to grow. In contrast, crowded plants complete for resources and look overgrown.

Should You Start Your Flower Bed from Seeds?

Unless you have extensive experience with plants and a very green thumb, we recommend buying seedlings with an established root system. This gives you the opportunity to see results more quickly. Established plants also are often more robust, so you can enjoy them longer.

The Basics

If you use evergreens as the basis for your design, you can prevent a bare landscape when leaves fall in autumn. Intermix deciduous trees that develop in spring and summer for variety throughout the year.For pine trees, acidic pine straw creates attractive mulch that keeps your beds hydrated. Choose from azaleas, gardenias and ferns to add color and texture to your design. If you have favorite plants, sentimental or aesthetic preferences, talk to your landscaper to work them into your front yard landscaping. Tip: Mapping out where your electrical, phone, water and gas lines connect to your home can help you avoid problems with roots penetrating pipes. If you aren’t sure where your electric lines are, call the local utility before you start digging.

Build an Arbor Over the Walkway

An arbor raises over your front walk, framing it on either side and above. Climbing roses, jasmine and other flowering vines can add beauty and interest to your walkway. By attaching the arbor to a picket fence, you can create a traditional look. However, a standalone arbor creates a welcoming vibe and lovely focal point that boost your curb appeal.

Add a Water Feature

Fountains and ponds add a tranquil element to your landscaping. Whether you install a small water feature or larger pond with fish and decorative elements, water features add to the beauty and curb appeal of your Santa Clara property.

Line the Walkway

Add colorful plants along the walkway. Planting trees or shrubs along the border of your yard or walkway creates shade and interest for those passing by or entering your home. You can choose low maintenance greenery such as monkey grass or mondo grass or go with flowers that add lovely color.

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