What Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About Your Bay-Friendly Landscape (& Global Warming)

By Julian / June 22, 2014

Fewer things invoke Americana like a bit of Mom’s advice. You know, that you should eat carrots to improve your vision, make your bed as soon as you wake up, clean behind your ears, and whatever you do – don’t make that face, because it will most certainly freeze that way.   But there’s some wisdom…

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Why Planting Summer Bulbs Makes the World A Better Place

By Julian / January 27, 2014

Sure, it was spring-blooming daffodils that inspired poet William Wordsworth to pen his famous ode to the golden flowers in all of their dancing glory. But summer bulbs – think dahlias, callas, cannas, gladiolas, and so many more – can bring an equally breathtaking splash of color to your landscape. And since our Mediterranean climate brings with it an early spring, April is the perfect time to start planting these versatile, cost-efficient beauties.

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