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Experts divide a landscape into two broad categories: the softscape and the hardscape. The softscape is the portion of the landscape that’s alive, while the hardscape is the part of landscape design that isn’t. Hardscaping, by definition, comprises any structure or “hard” element of a landscape. At a basic level, these include features like walkways, patios, or retaining walls.

There are some important benefits of hardscaping a business property. Professional hardscaping enhances visual appeal, adds usable space, decreases maintenance, increases property value, and addresses sustainability.

Bayscape landscape experts will guide you through the principles of hardscape design and recommend how best to implement it to improve the usable space of your property and, best of all, increase your property’s value.

There are two main reasons for installing hardscapes into your landscape.

First is urban planning. Business complexes or housing developments have larger hardscapes such as vast patios, sidewalks, or verandas, for their heavy traffic areas. Artificial water features that retain water, instead of letting them drain and water-log the surrounding area would also be considered a hardscape.

The second reason is aesthetics. Hardscaping creates a perfect entertaining space or calming backyard. For instance, we achieve this by erecting a beautiful wooden arbor, installing tile pathways in your garden, building a deck, or adding a peaceful water fountain.

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