Create an environmentally friendly and climate appropriate landscape.

Bayscape Commercial Sustainable Landscaping

While drought-tolerant landscaping is a common term for sustainable landscaping in the Bay Area, sustainable landscaping is the practice of using multiple strategies to create an environmentally friendly and climate appropriate landscape. A well-designed sustainable property provides immediate benefits to local communities, while also protecting the environment and providing nourishment for birds, bees and wildlife.

The main goals of sustainable landscape design are to conserve water and energy, reduce waste and decrease runoff. In order to achieve these goals we must treat water as a resource, value soil, preserve existing plants and conserve material resources.

Here’s are our top 5 sustainable landscape solutions:

1. Reduction of stormwater run-off using rain gardens and green roofs.
2. Reduction of water use in landscapes through design of water-wise garden techniques.
3. Completely eco-friendly pest management techniques.
4. Creating and enhancing wildlife habitat in urban environments.
5. Energy-efficient landscape design: placement & selection of shade trees and creation of wind breaks.

Properly designed landscapes and meticulous irrigation system installation and maintenance definitely assists with water conservation. Bayscape landscape experts will guide you through the principles of sustainable landscaping and recommend how best we can implement it on your property to provide immediate and long-term benefits to you and your local community.

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