Irrigation ensures your landscape looks vibrant year round.

Bayscape Residential Irrigation Systems

Your lawn is a reflection of your property. It should be inviting. Installing an irrigation system ensures your lawn is green, healthy, and beautiful. Irrigation systems are the most efficient way to acquire the hydration needs without over watering…or watering sidewalks.

When recommending a residential irrigation system for your property, we use our decades of experience in installing and maintaining irrigation systems by first considering a number of factors, including soil type, land topography, the weather patterns in the Bay area and the water quality.

Bayscape residential irrigation systems are installed with careful thought and long-term planning for the landscape and environment, utilizing cutting-edge technology and monitoring tools to minimize water usage without any risk to the beauty of your landscape. This is achieved by using web-based tools to schedule and monitor the irrigation stages in real-time. Factors such as wind, mulch, and surrounding native plants, are all considered before installing and maintaining irrigation.

In addition, a residential irrigation system makes use of a process called zoning. Zoning divides the property into multiple zones, and the system rotates through watering those various zones. Instead of watering all of your lawn every day, it rotates a section of it every day. Zoning also helps control water usage when there is a shortage.

We encourage you to request a complimentary walk-through and assessment of your irrigation system requirements by our highly trained, experienced landscape technicians. Bayscape landscape experts have diverse experience and product knowledge in installing irrigation systems that are both water-efficient and compliant with industry standards. Most of all, we’ll make sure your landscape looks vibrant year round.

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