Protect or improve a tree’s structural integrity.

Arbortek Cabling & Bracing Services

When young trees are not properly pruned or trained, they can grow in ways that threaten their health and the safety of the people, pets, and buildings around them. Cabling and bracing are the most commonly-used tools to protect or improve a tree’s structural integrity.

Cabling reduces the risk of breaking or splitting by restricting the distance branches or co-dominant leaders can move in relation to the rest of the tree. Bracing rods are installed in trees with multiple or co-dominant leaders to reduce the risk of the leaders splitting or to repair splits that have already occurred.

These tree support systems can be appropriate remedies for trees with structural deficiencies and instability. When installed and maintained correctly by qualified arborists, these support systems can: reduce the likelihood of failure of a weak or previously damaged trunk or limb, or a tree with co-dominant leaders — especially during severe weather; extend the life of an old or valuable tree, and; provide added stability to newly-transplanted trees while they build supportive root systems.

Members of the Bayscape team are certified professionals with decades of arborist experience in tree trimming, removal, tree crowning, and general tree maintenance services for residential, commercial and public land in Santa Clara County.

We recommend a complimentary consultation, including a complete visual inspection, overall health assessment, and investigation for early signs of insects or disease.

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