Our first priority is to restore the health of your trees and shrubs.

Arbortek Disease & Insect Management Services

Tree insect control has a direct impact on the health and longevity of your trees. Certain types of insects can even be fatal to the life of your tree. We bring a combined approach to disease and insect management. Our treatment process begins with maintaining plant health adhering to ISA Best Practices for pruning and care, creating optimal soil conditions for growth, and follow-up inspections to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging or irreversible levels.

Insects will usually target plants that are already in poor health or under stress. Our arborists make it their first priority to restore the health of your trees and shrubs, so that they can naturally resist harmful insects. Without plant health care and/or insect management services, they can cause extensive damage by feeding on the conductive tissues of the trunk and larger branches. This feeding damage cuts off the supply of nutrients and water to the canopy, usually resulting in death.

Our certified arborists will inspect your trees and shrubs, diagnose the problem and recommend the best insect control treatment option to protect your plants. When treatments are necessary, we use low impact treatments and natural, organic ingredients whenever possible to reduce the infestation of pests while maintaining environmental responsibility to our community.

Members of the Bayscape team are certified professionals with decades of experience in tree trimming, removal, tree crowning, and general tree maintenance services for residential, commercial and public land in Santa Clara County. Following ISA Best Practices when attending to your shrubs, vistas, and trees, Bayscape arborists will diagnose the plant health of your entire landscape, then recommend the most effective disease treatment based on the type of trees and the severity of the disease.

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