Help your trees, shrubs, and hedges grow in a healthy manner.

Arbortek Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming helps trees, shrubs, and hedges grow in a healthy manner. It will also make your property more attractive. Trimming your trees also encourages their growth and improves the appearance of the tree itself, which makes your property more attractive.

If you do not perform regular tree trimming, the growing branches can damage fencing, buildings, or nearby power lines. This can be a serious fire hazard for your home or business. If you neglect to maintain a tree that grows near your roof, you can even have your homeowner’s insurance claim denied. Trees add incredible shape, beauty, and color to your property, but proper maintenance is key to keeping your plants healthy and your home or business in good condition.

So how do you know when your trees need to be trimmed? Portions of a tree are beginning to look unbalanced, and branches are breaking; it’s diseased or harboring unwanted insects; it’s leaning perilously close to a structure; it’s simply in the way of your view or not maintaining your privacy.

Members of the Bayscape team are certified professionals with decades of arborist experience in tree trimming, removal, tree crowning, and general tree maintenance services for residential, commercial and public land in Santa Clara County.

We recommend a complimentary consultation, including a complete visual inspection, overall health assessment, and investigation for early signs of insects or disease.

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